100+ Yo Mama Jokes That Will Roll Your Eyes For You

The tried-and-true yo mama jokes by no means fail to set off laughter and enjoyable. And whereas the basic iteration of those is fairly offensive, sexist, racist, and classist, there may be nonetheless a method to take pleasure in a cleaned-up model of those iconic darkish jokes with out feeling responsible after. When you bear in mind these are simply jokes (you possibly can rely on that!), even Scary Mommies can giggle at a few of these ridiculous one-liners.

Yo mama jokes are playground traditions and should you by no means instructed one, did you actually have a childhood? Both means now’s the time to construct your arsenal of badass jokes that you should use in your pals, partner, your siblings, and even your personal youngsters (simply remember to set an excellent instance and clarify the significance of time and place in order that they don’t get in bother at college).

And also you’re not the one one wanting these up. Actually, in keeping with the most recent search knowledge accessible to us, yo mama jokes are looked for practically 140,000 instances per 30 days. Take a look at a few of our favorites, under.

Added bonus: We’ve gone forward and tried our greatest to wash up a number of the worst offenders so you possibly can take pleasure in these completely protected for work variations.

1. Yo mama so outdated, she walked out of a museum and the alarm went off.

2. Yo mama so scary, you thought the monsters in your closet had been pals.

3. Yo mama so outdated, she was a waitress at The Final Supper.

4. Yo mama’s bag is so cluttered it’s like the within of a greenback retailer in there.

5. Yo mama so scary, the federal government moved Halloween to her birthday.

6. Yo mama so American, she deep-fries her toothpaste.

8. Yo mama so miserable, blues singers come to go to her once they’ve obtained author’s block.

9. Yo mama so American, she sued McDonald’s for promoting French fries.

10. Yo mama so klutzy, she tripped over a cordless cellphone.

11. Yo mama so outdated that when she was at school, there was no historical past class.

12. Yo mama so dumb, she performs pool in her bathing go well with.

13. Yo mama so scatterbrained, it takes her two hours to observe 60 Minutes.

14. Yo mama so outdated, she knew Burger King whereas he was nonetheless a prince. 15. Yo mama so ridiculous, she tried to climb Mountain Dew.

16. Yo mama so literal, she stared at a cup of orange juice for 12 hours as a result of it stated, “focus.”

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17. Yo mama so strict, she desires you residence earlier than, throughout, and after darkish.

18. Yo mama so foolish, she put airbags on her laptop in case it crashed.

19. Yo mama tooth so yellow, I can’t imagine it’s not butter.

20. Yo mama so humorous, she went to the dentist to get a Bluetooth.

21. Yo mama home so soiled, she has to wipe her ft earlier than she goes outdoors.

22. Yo mama so scary, she threw a boomerang, and it refused to return again.

23. Yo mama so wealthy, even her yacht has a yacht.

24. Yo mama so evil, the satan offered his soul to her.

25. Yo mama so tall, she tripped in Michigan and hit her head in Florida.

26. Yo mama so ridiculous, she thought a quarterback was a refund.

27. Yo mama so tall, she tripped over a rock and hit her head on the moon.

28. Yo mama so foolish, I noticed her in a tree speaking about how she was the department supervisor.

29. Yo mama home so small, it’s a must to go outdoors to vary your thoughts.

30. Yo mama so dumb, she took a ruler to mattress to see how lengthy she slept.

31. Yo mama so dumb, she thought Twitter was social media for birds.

32. Yo mama home so small that when she orders a big pizza, she has to go outdoors to eat it.

33. Yo mama so humorous, she thought KFC was UFC for chickens.

34. Yo mama so outdated, her beginning certificates is in Roman numerals.

35. Yo mama so literal, after I stated, “Drinks on the home,” she obtained a ladder.

36. Yo mama so scary, she made One Route go the opposite path.

37. Yo mama so confused, she tried to eat Eminem the rapper.

38. Yo mama so nasty, she went swimming and made the Useless Sea.

39. Yo mama so lazy, she caught her nostril out the window and let the wind blow it.

40. Yo mama so outdated, her beginning certificates says expired on it.

41. Yo mama so sizzling, she makes jalapeños cry.

42. Yo mama so dumb, she put lipstick on her brow to make up her thoughts.

43. Yo mama so American, her birthday track is the Nationwide Anthem.

44. Yo mama so foolish, she thought Dunkin’ Donuts was a basketball workforce.

45. Yo mama so literal, that after I instructed her she misplaced her thoughts, she went on the lookout for it.

46. Yo mama so unhealthy at instructions, when she noticed the “Disneyland left” signal, she went residence.

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47. Yo mama so strict, she enforced a curfew for all the neighborhood.

48. Yo mama so strict, she grounded you for getting a silver medal.

49. Yo mama so strict, she locked you up in a tower.

50. Yo mama so quick, she has to slam dunk her bus fare.

51. Yo mama’s such a large number, Repair-It Felix stated, “I can’t repair it.”

52. Yo mama so trustworthy, she obtained locked within the grocery retailer and starved to loss of life.

53. Yo mama so quick, individuals thought she was a Funko Pop.

54. Yo mama so confused, once they stated it was chilly outdoors, she grabbed a bowl.

55. Yo mama so nasty, I referred to as her to say whats up, and she or he ended up giving me an ear an infection.

56. Yo mama so lazy, she’s obtained a distant management simply to function her distant.

57. Yo mama so outdated, her social safety quantity is 1!

58. Yo mama so lazy that she got here in final place in a current snail marathon.

59. Yo mama glasses are so thick that when she appears to be like on a map, she will see individuals waving.

60. Yo mama glasses are so thick she will see into the long run.

61. Yo mama’s tooth are so yellow that when she smiled at visitors, it slowed down.

62. Yo mama so quick, she went to see Santa, and he instructed her to get again to work.

63. Yo mama so scary, the robber ran away as soon as he noticed her.

64. Yo mama so quick, you possibly can see her ft on her driver’s license.

65. Yo mama such a foul cook dinner, the meals throw themselves into the rubbish.

66. Yo mama so unfunny, she ruins each joke she ever tells.

67. Yo mama’s cooking is so unhealthy, each April Idiot’s she cooks an excellent meal.

68. Yo mama’s humorousness is so dry, her finest jokes are your worst.

69. Yo mama’s so protecting, she coated you in Band-Aids earlier than you bought the boo-boos.

70. Yo mama’s hair is so lengthy, Rapunzel takes styling classes from her.

71. Yo mama so imply, even Hiya Kitty stated goodbye.

72. Yo mama’s so hungry, she created a Gmail account simply so she might get the spam.

73. Yo mama is so complicated that even Scooby Doo couldn’t resolve that thriller.

74. Yo mama so clumsy, she tripped over a wi-fi community.

75. Yo mama’s so loud, she speaks in encompass sound.

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76. Yo mama strikes so sluggish that when she walked previous the TV, I missed three episodes.

77. Yo mama’s so scary that when she went to the zoo, the lions and tigers hid from her.

78. Yo mama is so cheesy that when she tried to hitch a cheesy contest they stated, “Sorry, no professionals.”

79. Yo mama’s so chilly, she provides everybody round her frostbite.

80. Yo mama’s so dim, she held a battery up and stated, “I obtained the ability!”

81. Yo mama is so clueless, she climbed over a glass wall to see what was on the opposite facet.

82. Yo mama’s so clueless, when the choose stated, “Order within the court docket,” she requested for fries and a shake.

83. Yo mama’s so clumsy, she obtained hit by a parked automobile.

84. Yo mama’s so scary, she has to trick-or-treat by cellphone.

85. Yo mama’s such a foul cook dinner, the flies obtained collectively and stuck the opening within the window display.

86. Yo mama’s so classless, she’s a Marxist utopia.

87. Yo mama’s so clueless, she went to the optometrist to get an iPhone.

88. Yo mama’s so unhealthy with instructions, she noticed a “Disneyland left” signal on the way in which to the theme park, so she went residence.

89. Yo mama’s so furry that when she went to see the brand new Star Wars film, everybody thought Chewbacca was making a promotional look.

90. Yo mama’s so clueless, she introduced a spoon to the Tremendous Bowl.

91. Yo mama’s so hungry, when she went to KFC and the cashier requested what dimension bucket she needed, she stated, “The one on the roof!”

92. Yo mama’s so good she’d give me the hair off her again.

93. Yo mama’s so effective we name her “Stacey’s mother.”

94. Yo mama’s so humorous, even sidewalks crack up.

95. Yo mama’s so foolish she instructed the NFL gamers to convey spoons to the Superbowl.

96. Yo mama is so imply that when she went right into a haunted home, she got here out with a job software.

97. Yo momma is so foolish that when thieves broke in and stole the television, she ran outdoors and yelled to them, “Hey, you forgot the distant!”

98. Yo mama’s so foolish, she put a watch in a piggybank and stated she was saving time.

99. Yo mama’s so stern, they don’t give her Blissful Meals at McDonald’s.

100. Yo mama’s so imply, her beginning certificates is an apology letter. 101. Yo mama’s so grasping, when she goes tenting, the bears conceal their meals.

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